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From mining to medical, military and beyond, our expert engineers will get your project up and running.

Coiltek Electronics is a trusted manufacturer of coil winding and customised wound components – as well as electronic assembly and 3D printing. We manufacture inductors, transformers, custom wound coils, toroid winding, bonded coil winding and high precision manual coil winding.

For more than 15 years, Coiltek Electronics have been the specialists in custom wound parts including custom wound transformers, toroids and other electro-mechanical wire winding solutions, Coiltek Electronics specialise in custom wound parts. We offer small to large runs of customised winding components.

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Our highly skilled technicians are here to help you with the design and manufacture of your copper wire winding or custom wound component project.



As the trusted name in copper wire and other coil winding, we provide high quality specialised winding solutions to clients throughout Australia within agreed timeframes.

We work closely with you, our customer, and use strict quality management processes to ensure we exceed your expectations.