Complete custom coil winding & more

The custom coil winding & electronic assembly specialists for 20 years

Since 2004, we have been producing custom coils and components, electronic assembly & 3D printing in Adelaide for clients all across Australia.

Trusted across industries

We supply custom wound coils, coil winding, transformer winding, inductor winding and toroid winding to a broad range of specialist industries that require specialised winding components. These include the mining, military and medical industries.

Our versatility

The majority of the custom coil winding components we produce use copper wire winding, but we also manufacture special purpose coils and special wound products using specialist coil wire types such as Litz wire, Aluminium wire and super-conducting wire.

Fully customisable

We offer automatic winding machinery and manual winding components, regularly producing custom built coils in both small and large runs to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

Outstanding quality

Coiltek Electronics’ engineers can work directly with your design authority, ensuring we consistently manufacture copper wire winding and special wound products of the highest quality.

What our coil winding customers say

"For several years, Coiltek Electronics has been assisting Blast Movement Technologies in the manufacture and assembly of our products. They have always been proactive and flexible in supporting BMT, especially in recent years with the challenges we have faced as a growing company. They have also provided services that I would consider to be above and beyond that of many other companies and we have always found Coiltek Electronics’ staff to provide outstanding service."

Paul Ward, Operations Manager, BMT

"We are very pleased to have discovered Coiltek as a helpful partner to wind our custom coils, which have unconventional construction, deterring others, who are not prepared to entertain our manufacturing complications. The Coiltek staff are attentive to our requirements and concerned to deliver to our specifications. The relationship we have with Coiltek is very important to our business."

Mark Stacey, Electronics Engineer, EMIT

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