We design and assemble transformer winding in small to medium sizes in a range of wire gauges. We also work closely with you to ensure the winding and output requirements of our transformers meet your specifications. Automated winders help us to achieve a consistently high quality electro-mechanical assembly.

Electronic Wire Winding

Transmitters & Receivers

Coiltek Electronics regularly manufactures wire wound transmitters and receivers for several industry applications. We can adapt to a standard former or customised former so the wire lay and tension remain constant. This ensures consistent product quality and reliability. Whether the former is large or small, our Adelaide wire winding experts can utilise our manual winding or automated winding machines to achieve the best fit for your project. We cater for small or large volumes, per month or annually.

Electronic Wire Winding

Toroids & Chokes

Our toroid winding provides a unique service in Australia. We can cater for toroid cores from 12mm to 50mm diameter and wire gauge of 0.1mm to 1mm. Our automated winder can easily output small to large volumes, and provides a repeatable high quality finish to ensure the wound part meets your requirements. We also offer testing and tuning of toroids and chokes as part of our service. Utilising our winding service for these parts, we offer high quality, cost effective wire wound toroids and chokes for your unique application.

Electronic Wire Winding


Whether you require air spaced coils or ferrite inductors, we can produce high quality parts for various applications. Our automated winding machines cater for wire gauges from 0.1mm to 3mm, and in some cases even smaller than 0.1mm. Our wire products can be easily terminated to specific bobbins or circuitry by our skilled staff and technicians. Coiltek Electronics can easily wind small quantities of under 100, through to large runs of 5000 or more per month depending on your requirements. We ensure our air core inductors and ferrite inductors meet your specifications and can provide accurate test results for a number of applications.

Electronic Wire Winding

Bonded Coil Winding

At Coiltek Electronics we can produce self-supporting windings or bonded wire windings for many different applications in wire gauges ranging from 0.1mm to 1mm. By utilising self-bonded coils, our bobbin coil winding remains structurally intact when placed in an environment where non-bonded windings would likely come loose, reducing their effectiveness. All of our bond wire options can be customised to meet your requirements. Many sizes and shapes are easily produced on our automated winders.

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